Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Red Shoes


Oh she move like the diva do
I said Id love to dance like you.
She said just take off my red shoes
Put them on and your dreamll come true
With no words, with no song
You can dance the dream with your body on
And this curve, is your smile
And this cross, is your heart
And this line, is your path

Oh its gonna be the way you always thought it would be
But its gonna be no illusion
Oh its gonna be the way you always dreamt about it
But its gonna be really happening to ya

Oh the minute I put them on
I knew I had done something wrong
All her gifts for the dance had gone
Its the red shoes, they cant stop dancing, dancing

She gotta dance, she gotta dance
And she cant stop till them shoes come off
These shoes do, a kind of voodoo
Theyre gonna make her dance till her legs fall off

Feel your hair come tumbling down
Feel your feet start kissing the ground
Feel your arms are opening out
And see your eyes are lifted to god
With no words, with no song
Im gonna dance the dream
And make the dream come true
Im gonna dance the dream
And make the dream come true

1 comment:

Frank said...

I think there are two ways which lead to a fulfilled life, everything else is just boring and wasted time:
Either the devil is dancing with you or you dance with the devil!
Of course everybody would like to say: I prefer the last one or I do the last one. But how do you wanna know which one is which one. Each time you get the feeling that you are the one who leads the dance, maybe it’s just because Beelzebub has put a new devil aside for you. I thing it doesn’t matter. I would put the red shoes on also if I would know theyre gonna make me dance till my legs fall off. Otherwise I would never get the feeling of the devils dance.
Life is fight about life. If you don’t fight you will be dead already even if you are still alive.
Since you are always fought in your life, you know what it means to put the red shoes on, so this time. And it won’t be the last time! You have to fight again and again your whole life thru. Stay as brave as your are, I’m with you.