Friday, December 12, 2008

Flower Remedies

Plants comprising VincristineYesterday I spent a little time researching Edward Bach and his Bach Flower Remedies. One of the CNAs (Kishore) recommended a try a few, and of course, subtle as they are I have still noticed a difference in my overall well-being. I've always know about Rescue Remedy, but Dr. Bach, and his approach to well-being is lovely, and subtle, and specific. Well. I can't recommend it enough.

Yesterday I also received the chemotherapy Vincristine. My nurse mentioned it, too, is plant derived. I thought, "Amazing!" 

Vincristine belongs to a class of chemotherapy drugs called plant alkaloids. The active agents are derived from the Periwinkle, Pacific Yew Tree, May Apple Plant, and the Asian Happy Tree. Most amazing to me is the periwinkle plant, which grows wild around most homes in Arnhem Land. I've often used these little flowers in my daily puja, picking five pink ones (to remember the yamas) and five white ones (to remember the niyamas). I'm grateful to have actually handled and cultivated this plant!

For more information on Vincristine, I highly recommend


fishsauce said...

I had heard about the Pacific Yew Tree being used medicinally. But add to that such wonderful sounding plants as May Apple Plant, Periwinkle, and the Asian Happy Tree and you really have the magical mystery menage. I am so thankful to hear that along the road to recovery there is discovery too for you. Armen and I send our most potent positive thoughts in your direction and pray for your strength to be fully restored.



Oy Vey said...
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