Thursday, October 1, 2009

PEG #15

Today I received dose #15 of PEG Asparaginase. That's it. The last one. At last, I've reached a point in my treatment where there isn't a new drug to replace a previous one. Nothing new to come from that venue. About a month from now, I'll know what it feels like not to be on PEG and blood thinners.

It seems to be my course though, that a milestone gets met by a setback. My porto-cath has not healed properly, and will be removed tomorrow. I will have PIC installed. It will serve me for a few weeks, then we'll make another plan from there. This will give me some time to heal, without delaying my antibiotics or my chemotherapy.

I am tired, I admit, and sad. I wish things were different, but as they are as they are.

I am full of love, and gratitude.

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Beej said...

Hi Brandi, Geeeezz Laweeezz you are sooo amazing! I don't know how the F you are holding it together so well. You are an unbelievable inspiration of courage and strength. Amazing.
Think of you often, hold you in my prayers always.. This wild tsunami on your ocean of life will subside soon. You're doing a rocking job riding this sucker! Love you, and all healing blessings of love to you.